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This page contains information of interest for the research institutions during the evaluation process. The first wave of evaluations unfolding between october and december 2011 concerns the 48 National Institutes. Their names and the links to their webpages are available here. For each institute, the evaluation process is coordinated by one of 8 workgroups, one for each scientific domain, named by the Advisory Council for Research Development and Innovation. The scientific domains, the allocation of the institutes to these domains, as well as the composition of the workgroups are provided in the document available here.


The first step in the evaluation process consists of the institutes filling out the necessary information which is to be provided to the evaluators in order for them to become familiar with the institutions before the visits. The institutions are required to fill out four documents:


1. The general information table available here.

2. The self-evaluation report, according to this model (chapter 2).

3. The institutional development plan, according to this model (chapter 3).

4. The lists of personnel, publications, projects and infrastructure (according to this model).


The list of relative article influence scores (rAIS) for all journals with nonzero rAIS, is available here.

ERRATA: The list of relative article influence scores (rAIS) for all journals with nonzero rAIS, is available here.


The data corresponding to document 1 will be completed directly within the online platform. Documents 2 and 3 will be uploaded in the form of pdf, doc or rtf files and document 4 will be uploaded in the xlsx format. 


The online submission platform is available at the address : rpc.ancs.ro.


Please login with your institutional username and password for this platform. For the institutions for which the accounts have been activated, you will notice an additional option "Certificare" in the menu at the upper right. Please follow the instructions as well as the contextual help boxes which pop up when you hover your mouse over the corresponding box. For the institutions which do not have an RPC account, because of a recent reorganisation (i.e. merger) please contact the secretariat of the Advisory Council for R&D&I (CCCDI) at the address simona.malureanu@ancs.ro. Please note that some of the data fields are automatically filled in from the preexisting data in the rpc platform. 


For any questions, difficulties or bug-reports please use the "Sesizări" menu in the online platform. Answers to frequently asked questions are available here.


All documents must be completed in English. 

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